What Is A Google Answer Box & How to Get Featured

Everyone wants to rank first on Google, and it’s not hard to see why. But ranking in position zero and showing up on Google’s answer box is a thousand times better. Google answer boxes combine the best of both worlds. They help users instantly find answers while putting your website in the spotlight. Getting your […]

SEORadar vs. Deepcrawl: Which One’s the Best Technical SEO Tool for You?

As SEO experts, we use a wide variety of tools to cover different dimensions of our strategy. While tools aren’t the end-all-be-all of SEO, they still play a key role. The right tools can empower your workflow and provide you with information to make good decisions. Whereas, the wrong ones can make your work unnecessarily […]

How to Structure a Landing Page for SEO: 7 Essential Tips & Tricks

Your landing pages are essential marketing assets. But, what role do they play in your SEO strategy? In this guide, we’ll explore what landing pages are for, and how to structure a landing page for SEO. We’ll also share some basic tips and tricks you need to know to optimize for conversions. Let’s dive in. […]

ContentKing Alternatives: SEORadar vs. ContentKing

Most conversations around SEO focus on content, keywords, and backlinks. Content is extremely important, keywords are crucial, and backlinks are a key ranking factor. But, how about code? Through technical SEO, you can protect and boost your website’s positioning by making sure its structure and code are optimized. Plus, implementing technical SEO best practices can […]

How to Choose Keywords for SEO: A Guide to Finding and Using the Right Keywords

Including the right keywords on your website signals to users that your content is relevant to them. Keywords also help search engines to understand and classify your content. In short, they’re absolutely crucial for SEO. Thousands of articles have been written about the importance of keyword research. While keywords aren’t the end-all-be-all of SEO, if […]

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

In April 2020, only 30% of businesses had an SEO strategy, according to a report by The Manifest. However, after the digital shift of 2020 & 2021, thousands of businesses around the world came online for the first time. And ranking on Google became one of their top marketing priorities. Marketing teams that are new […]

14 Freelancer Tools You Need To Try as a Freelance SEO Specialist

There are many benefits to freelancing. Freelancers can set their own schedules and SEO rates while working from home with their pets, or while traveling the world. However, freelancing also comes with its own challenges. As a freelancer, you are in charge of every department of your business. From finances to marketing, to operations. Therefore, […]

The Latest Google Update: A Look at the ‘indexifembedded’ tag

Last Friday, Google announced a new robots tag, “indexifembedded”. In this post, we’ll explain this new Google update, and how it will impact your technical SEO efforts. Let’s get started. What Did Google Say About the ‘indexifembedded’ Tag? In a statement released on January 21, 2022, Google announced the implementation of a brand-new metatag, “indexifembedded”. […]

Our 2022 Blogging Guidelines: How to Succeed at Blogging this Year

A company blog can be an amazing marketing tool. It can help you create value for your customers beyond your product, build brand awareness, and rank on Google. But, how can you stand out in the overcrowded blogging landscape of 2022? In this guide, we’ll share our favorite blogging best practices. This post is part […]

Blogging 101: The 6 Most Common Blogging Questions, Answered

Looking to start a blog for your business in 2022? In the early days of the internet, a blog post could be as simple as an eye-catching title and a couple of paragraphs. And, in some cases, the blog posts you could find on the first Google SERP committed SEO sins that are unthinkable today. […]