How do I monitor thousands/millions of pages?

Even large, dynamic sites generally have a small set page templates.  A huge site like Amazon probably has less than 50 unique templates.   Generally, a template change will affect all the pages generated from that template.  For example, consider a site like Trulia which has a ‘homes for sale’ page for 35,000 cities.  The titles, H1s, rel-canonicals. redirect rules, etc, are are generally all impacted identically.   By managing a sample of these, we will catch problems  that impact all.

Of course, you might have individual optimization on some of these pages done via a CMS.  That’s no problem to add those URLs as well.   If it’s on a large scale,  you may want to consider our API.  The API pings us when a page is updated and queues it up for the next audit.  This works great for all your content initiatives.  We currently have a WordPress plugin too and will be implementing supports for other CMS’s as well in the near future.

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