How is SEORadar different from other SEO audit tools?

SEORadar tells you what you need to know to avoid a disaster by limiting the messages to newly identified changes and problems.  We do this by comparing the current version of your pages to previous versions.   Tools like ScreamingFrog and Moz are still extremely valuable, but the manual work in analyzing changes is laborious, error-prone and often not done with every release.

Other tools might tell that an H1 is missing.  We will tell you when its changes. If the H1 changes on a page, you need to know that it changed, what changed and when it changed.  No other audit tool can tell you that  because they don’t maintain an archive!

No only does the the archive give SEORadar the ability to generate critical alerts, it also provides an invaluable tool for you to analyze and troubleshoot shifts in key metrics.

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