SEORadar:  Watching, Warning, Protecting your SEO traffic 
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Essential SEO Protection
2 audits per week
3 domains
3 competitors
500 Weekly diff credits
90 day source code archive & diff
Essential change alerts
90 day source code and desktop screenshot archive
Search Console weekly analysis
Redirect tests
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Integrate into QA
All Gold features
Daily audits
Staging vs. Live audits
4000 Weekly diff credits
API Access
Configurable, unlimited multi-user
User-defined tests
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For the big guys!
All Corporate features
8000 Weekly diff credits
15 domains
15 competitors
15 months data archive
Account Setup Review
Training session every 6 months
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**  Each URL we test, render and archive consumes 1 diff credit. 

*** Special low-cost plans available for SMBs and SEO consultants.  Contact us.