What are the SEORadar services?


  • Disaster prevention –  Think of it as the Pingdom of SEO.  SEORadar warns you of changes that happen to your site that can impact SEO.  Have you ever seen titles change, H1s go away, pages get noindexed, cross-links go away or redirects breaking?  SEORadar checks for all those things and much more.
  • SEORadar is not noisy and only generates alerts on changes or new events.  By testing for changes you can get high-value alerts that need your attention.
  • Full source archive – SEORadar keeps a full source archive, enabling you to go back in time and find a snapshot of your site at any point in time. This is especially useful for SEO when you often have to go back in time to analyze traffic .  It is also useful to analyze site changes that impact other parts of the business such as conversion.

How is SEORadar different from other audit tools?

SEORadar just tells you what you need to know to avoid a disaster by limiting the messages to newly identified changes and problems.  If the H1 changed on a page, you need to know that it changed, what changed and when it changed.

Will there be more features post-beta?

Yes, a lot more.  This is an early beta.  It will become easier to use, more customizable and grow in features.  We now have the engine in place to continue to build valuable and unique tools.

What does SEORadar warn me about now?

  • Title changes
  • Meta description changes
  • H1, H2, H3 changes  (varying severity levels)
  • Rel Canonical  – appearance, disappearance, change in the target URL
  • 301s  – appearance,  disappearance, change in target URL
  • 302s – appearance,  disappearance, change in target URL
  • Meta robots index, follow, noindex, nofollow – any change in state will result in a notification.
  • Appearance of nofollow – on-site links
  • Disappearance of nofollow – off-site links
  • Robots.txt change alerts
  • Site cross-links removed (admittedly generates too many alerts right now, gets better post beta)
  • Verify rel alternate media if you have an m.dot mobile implementation
  • Verify rel-canonical on m.dot back to desktop
  • Did I mention much more is coming?

Sign up for your beta code and let me know any comments or suggestions.  

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Mark Munroe