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How much traffic have you lost?

Your Website’s HTML Code Changes Constantly

Do you know what tags changed on your site? Did a developer set a page to no index? Switch the canonical? Drop the schema?
BOOM! Three weeks later your SERPs drop and you’re digging through code to find out what happened.

Excel Spreadsheets

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Monitor Over 100 Elements with Customized Alerts

Get critical SEO alerts when HTML changes. See side-by-side code so you can find and revert issues on your site.

Avoid Losing Traffic Overnight

SEO Radar is an advanced tool for expert users – offering more customizations and elements than any other competitor.

Only the Most Important URLs

Select domains to be monitored and customize alert settings for each

Monitor When You Want

Daily, weekly, or hourly - you control when

Get Alerts Where You Want

Email, SMS, or even a #Slack channel

See Every Change Side-by-Side

With side-by-side code views and renders, SEORadar highlights changes

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