Chrome Extension Diff Tool

Try our new extension, our Chrome Diff tool.   You can use this to compare any 2 URLs or different versions of the same URL! 

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    Compare Staging vs. Production for pre-release testing  to catch SEO and other issues before you deploy.  
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    Compare the same URL fetched with different user-agents.  Use this to make sure Google is getting exactly what you expect. 
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    Compare fetched vs. rendered version of a page to see exactly what is getting inserted into the DOM and test Google indexing of JavaScript content.
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    Test Mobile vs. Desktop to prepare for mobile indexing

Get a structured Comparison

The structured comparison highlights all changes that are important for SEO.   OR you can  compare the content or full HTML. 

 You can get the extension now in the Chrome store!   ‚ÄčGet it here!

Let me know how to make it better!