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SEORadar for Digital Agencies and SEO Consultants

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As an agency or consultant, you are responsible for your  customer’s organic search traffic.   Yet, your customers are often doing things to their site, changing pages, key SEO elements and frankly, inadvertently making changes with potentially disastrous impact.

SEORadar will warn you as soon as  your customer takes that misstep!   You will get emails and/or texts.   For example,  see the alert below.  Did this site realize the SEO consequence of changing their title?  It turns out it was a bug which incorrectly caused the page to IP target. Wouldn’t it be great to contact your customer the very same day the problem was pushed live?

Screenshot 2015-09-27 14.27.19


You will also get a dashboard to easily monitor hundreds of domains and search for the most significant site change alerts.

Screenshot 2015-09-27 14.32.38

Our advanced search capability makes it easy to query the full alert history across all your domains.  Or use it to generate a report for a specific domain as you analyze your client’s site changes and activity for the past month.

Screenshot 2015-09-27 14.40.49


If you need to research an issue, you will appreciate the ability to do HTML or content diffs and screenshot compares from our archive:


Screenshot 2015-09-27 14.49.08Screenshot 2015-09-27 14.52.48


When trying to determine the root cause of a problem, it invaluable to go to SEORadar and see the full history of changes to that page (we save the full HTML and screenshots).


Screenshot 2015-09-27 15.04.08


SEORadar is great at catching all sorts of unwelcome surprises.  We catch deleted Google Analytics tags or Google Tag Manager, surprise redirects and more.  In fact, you can configure your own tests.  We even recently identified a hacked site because all the content changed and SEORadar lit up like a Christmas tree with all sorts of alarms getting generated.

Do you have WordPress customers?  Use our WordPress plugin to automatically alert us of all their content changes and detect changes that impact their focus keywords.   Or implement our API for other CMS’s.

Want to help your customers catch problems before they get pushed?  Offer an in-house version SEORadar to test live vs. staging.

Ever wish  your customers carefully annotated their Google Analytics account?  By enabling GA integration, we overlay changed history on top of GA data, making it easy to drill in and analyze shifts in key metrics.


Screenshot 2015-09-27 17.59.33


For a large SEO agency, an independent SEO consultant or an in-house SEO, SEORadar will protect your traffic, eliminate the fear that some unknown change is impacting your traffic and simply make your life easier.

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