SEO: Long Tail Testing

long tail

Early on in SEO I learned traffic to individual keywords is bound to be disappointing.  I remember my first client, a company that makes folding bikes  named Breezer (yes and I just gave them anchor text and no they are not paying me.  Hey, they gave me my first gig, I owe them something!).   We got […]

Broken Redirects: SEO Change Monitoring

404 error screen

What is a broken redirect? A redirect forwards one URL to another URL.  For instance URL www.domain/abc might redirect to www.domain/efg.  These redirects are typically put in place if there is a URL structure change, which happens quite often.  They also may happen globally for the site if there is a domain change.    These would be […]

Changing URLs and Broken Redirects

follow footsteps

I recently published an article in Search Engine Journal entitled “The Hidden Risk of Broken Redirect“.    It was probably poorly named.   Better is “How Changing URL Structures Can Kill Traffic”. I say hidden, because who knows how many time redirects have been removed months after a URL change and historic, valuable links have gone […]

Analyzing Search Console with Keyword Groups

chalkboard analysis

It just got a whole lot easier to analyze your search console data with SEORadar. We have been generating weekly winners and loser reports based on keywords and pages from Search Console for a while now. As useful as that it, looking at that data across the entire set of keywords provided by Google can camouflage important shifts.

SEO Testing on Staging: Catch Problems Before the Damage Is Done

Last updated on October 7th, 2021   It’s no news that staging is a vital step in the web development process. A staging website helps teams catch errors before the website goes live. And, for SEO specialists, staging can be an opportunity to detect and prevent coding pitfalls that could hurt the website’s SERP position.  […]

Analyzing SEO Site Changes and SEO Testing


As SEOs we always want to understand the impact of site changes.   Yet analyzing the data is challenging, especially in an enterprise environment with frequent site pushes and page updates.  One of the biggest challenges is tracking when the change happened,  what exactly was the change and what other changes might have occurred which […]

SEORadar for Digital Agencies and SEO Consultants

agency meeting

As an agency or consultant, you are responsible for your  customer’s organic search traffic.   Yet, your customers are often doing things to their site, changing pages, key SEO elements and frankly, inadvertently making changes with potentially disastrous impact. SEORadar will warn you as soon as  your customer takes that misstep!   You will get […]

SEORadar SMX Launch

SMX Logo

We officially launched SEORadar at SMX West.   It was incredibly exciting to unveil out new booth in the exhibition hall and meet enthusiastic customers, prospects and potential partners! We have big plans for SEORadar in 2015, so look for some exciting, high value new features coming out very soon!

SEO Radar Beta: First Potential Disasters Averted

engineering testing

Today now marks 28 days since we started giving out beta access.   The first 3 weeks saw daily updates as we worked out some of the bigger kinks and the next month or two will see some exciting new features. We have heard from some of our customers on a few potential disasters which […]