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Analyzing Search Console with Keyword Groups

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It just got a whole lot easier to analyze your search console data with SEORadar. We have been generating weekly winners and loser reports based on keywords and pages from Search Console for a while now. As useful as that it, looking at that data across the entire set of keywords provided by Google can camouflage important shifts.

For instance, your biggest winners and losers in terms of rankings is not that meaningful if it is for keywords that get few impressions. Now you can create keyword groups and you can filter your weekly Winners and Losers reports by those groups. By default, we will create groups of your top 50 and top 100 keywords.

Keyword groups

You can create keyword groups from the new manage->keywords option in the main menu.

You can also upload CSV files.

We are going to continue improving our analysis of the Search Console data over time. So email me with any ideas you have or comment on this post.

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