Free SEO Diff Tools

We are excited to announce that we are making a beta version of  3 of our in-product tools available for free as well as a brand new 4th tool for testing URLs in the Internet Archive.   These first 3 are all diff tools, tackling very specific SEO issues.  Click on the links below for unlimited access to the tools.

SEORadar Demo

See how detailed diff monitoring can protect your site and make your life so much easier!

1. Mobile vs. Desktop  – Compares  desktop to mobile versions of a page.  Perfect to help optimize for the mobile-first index and resolve discrepancies that will critically affect SEO.  This tool is specifically useful if a website is adaptive or has a separate mobile URL.

2. Fetched vs. Rendered  – Compares the fetched page to the fully rendered page.  This tool will help you determine how the page changes once JavaScript is executed and help determine how successfully Google is indexing JavaScript  content.

3. Internet Archive (Wayback Machine)  Diff  – Compares the the  current version of a page to a snapshot in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  This is fantastic way to analyze changes to a website and research site issues if you are not currently using SEORadar to archive your pages.   (Caveat: if you choose the home page of a very popular site, it will be kind of slow because there are so many snapshots, otherwise performance should be fine).

4. Internet Archive URL Tester – We have a new early-beta for a 4th tool which does an HTTP status check on URLs in the Internet Archive.   You provide a domain and a date range, and we will ping up to 1000 URLs and produce and email a spreadsheet with the results.  This is a great way to diagnose historic issues with content disappearing and URLs not getting properly redirected.

This is an example of the structured diff report: You might want to know about H1 changes but can lower the prirority so they don't result in an email. However, for a noindex tag, you might want an email and a text message. Configure the system to meet your own priorities. You can even supresss specific alerts on particurlar URLs.


Try them now by clicking on the links below: