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SEO Radar Beta: First Potential Disasters Averted

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Today now marks 28 days since we started giving out beta access.   The first 3 weeks saw daily updates as we worked out some of the bigger kinks and the next month or two will see some exciting new features.

We have heard from some of our customers on a few potential disasters which we have already detected.  Including:

  • A site which inadvertently put a nofollow on nearly all their homepage links
  • Another site whose rel-canonicals disappeared causing a duplicate content risk
  • H1 markup that disappeared on another site weakening the primary keywords.

In addition, we have an agency using the beta for daily checks on their customers websites.   We also have a major ecommerce site using the historical archive to correlate changes to traffic and rankings shifts.

Since this post was published the product has been released from beta.  Sign up today for a free trial.

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