What are the various link alerts?

Internal linking structure is critical for SEO, both for content indexing and page authority. Removal of on-site cross-links can sometimes lead to a critical problems and have dramatic impact on SEO.

For link removals we have distinct logic for the removal of persistent links.

These are links that have been active on your page the last 4 times we have seen the page.   If the link has been there a while, most likely it is important to your site indexing and ranking.

We also independently monitor footer and navigation links. These generally are static and important for indexing so you should pay special attention to navigation and footer links getting removed.

By default, recently discovered link removals are low priority. If your site is quite static in regards to link, you may want to raise the priority.

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Mark Munroe

I have been deep into technical SEO for over 10 years. We created SEORadar to catch all the mishaps an avoidable problems that happen so regularly!

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