SEORadar Update

Update Notes 7/12/2018:


  • We have fixed a utf-8 bug.  For a small number of domains, this will create a one-time change alert.    For example, a string that previously appeared like this:  “Royère ”  will now be changed to “Royère“.    This is not a true change but due to our bug fix.   Remember, you will only see this alert on the first audit after the fix went in on 7/12. After that, all will be fine! 

Audit Export

  • You can now export a spreadsheet of all change alert details from the crawl summary screen.   You no longer need to drill into each individual alert if you have a large set.

SEORadar Alerts

Sitemap Diff Reports

  • There is a new Beta feature that allows you to diff sitemaps and export a spreadsheet that shows items added or deleted.  This is currently available as part of the SearchConsole integration.  Once out of beta, we will integrate it into the full audit.  You trigger it from the Sitemap page via the icon below:


  • You then select the maps you want to compare and we will export the results to a spreadsheet.  Keep in mind the item counts we display on the screen is data supplied by Google but when you run the diff it will be based on the actual sitemaps.

Alert Details Scroll

You can now scroll through alerts without exiting the alert details screen.

That’s it for this update.  Keep those suggestions coming!! Sometimes a small change can reap a big benefit!! Email me directly with product ideas!