Easing of Panda Coming – Matt Cutts

Great news to all sites that have been smoked by the ever-cruel Panda algorithm.  According to Matt Cutts



This is fantastic news for the afflicted. I have long felt that Panda came down way too hard on certain types of sites (particularly if you were not a brand).  Generally sites with a very sort visit profile, blogs,  informational sites, review sites … basically non-transactional sites … got clobbered by Panda.  For sites like these, users often bounce back for multiple results (Pogosticking).   Especially think of shopping comparison sites, not much to do and the normal user behavior is probably to go back and look for more prices!  And these sites got hit hardest by Panda.   So an easing will be coming … this will be really interesting to see!

To this point, many sites have worked for 2+ years on site improvements with little payback from Google.   No reward for their efforts means site owners of Panda afflicted sites may stop trying and simply focus on monetizing those sites as much as possible.  Certainly that was not Google’s intention with Panda.

Good luck to those anticipating the update.

Mark Munroe

I have been deep into technical SEO for over 10 years. We created SEORadar to catch all the mishaps an avoidable problems that happen so regularly!